After more than 20 years of making pictures by chemical process photography, while living and travelling abroad, I  returned to England in 1987 and rediscovered my earlier love of painting: working first in pastel then in acrylic and, finally, with oil paint.

The only early, formal training in painting and drawing that I received was during my five years at boarding school.  My particular attraction was landscape, with interest for the figure and occasionally for portraiture.  In Norwich, I attended tutored drawing courses at Wensum Lodge and, more recently, in consecutive years,  residential courses held by the abstract painter Ann Smart who exhibits at the Poussin Gallery in London.


Today, my painting style ranges between expressionist and abstraction.  To paint spontaneously, pictures that are the immediate outcome of my sensuous responses to the world I live in, is an ongoing challenge.  Gerhard Richter expressed this challenge well, when he said that painting reveals what the eye cannot see.

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